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ICTI is a Cluster of local ICT and Support Service businesses working together to promote the capabilities of this region.

About ICTI

Within the Illawarra, the ICT sector is predominately comprised of small businesses and a cluster is an ideal way for these businesses to work together without reducing their independence, entrepreneurial spirit or individual competitiveness.

ICTI has been formed to assist with the ongoing growth and competitiveness of the Illawarra's ICT industry, recognising the potential for the IT sector in the region, based on the success of local companies already performing on the international stage and major international organisations using this region as a base of operations.

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Latest Events

Regional Innovation Week in Bega

Regional Innovation Week in Bega

On the back of the nations current appetite for the ideas boom, and all things innovative, IntoIT Sapphire Coast will run a series of events targetting a number of quite diverse groups, to stimulate networking, inventiveness, entrepreneurship and excitement for businesses operating in regional areas of Australia.

We are strongly of the view that programmes such as Regional Innovation Week are a key part of the move to creating a more innovative culture in our community, which will eventually take us towards our goal of 1000 high-skill digital jobs by 2030 for the Bega Valley. 

iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast Series

iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast Series

iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast Series - Carolyn Mee

Join us for the next iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women’s Breakfast with guest speaker Carolyn Mee. 

iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast Series

A key initiative of iAccelerate is the engagement with entrepreneurial women via our Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast Series. Launched in April 2014 the iAccelerate Entrepreneurial Women's Breakfast Series aims to share the insights and stories of successful entrepreneurial women.

ICT Talent Attraction and Retention

ICT Talent Attraction and Retention

The gap between demand for ICT skills and the supply of skilled ICT professionals compromises Australia’s export and productivity gains, innovative capability and employment growth across Australian industry. Industry commentators predict that skills shortages which were in part alleviated by the global financial crisis are set to re-emerge in the short-term. In light of these trends, meeting the skills needs of the ICT sector over the next decade and the attraction, development and retention of ICT professionals have become critical issues.

Tonight our guest speakers will share their knowledge about ICT Talent Attraction and Retention with us:

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