About Us

ICTI is an ICT Industry Association consisting of local ICT and Support Service businesses working together to promote the capabilities of this region.

Together we will endeavour to:

  • Inspire: by building a knowledge sharing community
  • Advocate: representing the thoughts, concerns and experiences of the ICTI community
  • Engage: connecting government, business, universities and industry to develop solutions with global reach.


Within the Illawarra, the ICT sector is predominately comprised of small businesses and a cluster is an ideal way for these businesses to work together without reducing their independence, entrepreneurial spirit or individual competitiveness.

ICTI has been formed to assist with the ongoing growth and competitiveness of the Illawarra's ICT industry, recognising the potential for the IT sector in the region, based on the success of local companies already performing on the international stage and major international organisations using this region as a base of operations.


To facilitate the growth of ICT in the Illawarra by connecting and supporting ICT businesses and professionals with assistance from the University of Wollongong, Wollongong City Council and NSW Government. 


Illawarra is recognised as a significant ICT centre locally, nationally and globally.

Case Study

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Wollongong is IT

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